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Carpet Cleaner uses patented, proprietary technology to clean all types of carpets, rugs and otherfabrics without any harsh chemicals or toxins. There is no exposure to people or animals to toxins, harsh chemicals,allergens or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Unlike other cleaning products it attacks the source of the dirt without the use of harsh or toxin chemicals.



  •  Specifically formulated liquid that cleans and removes stains from all types of carpet without harmful chemicals.
  • Zero VOCs – No smell during or after us of the product.
  • Hypo-Allergenic & free from dyes, perfumes, oils, scents and other fragrances.
  • Free from toxins & harsh chemicals
  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • Improves indoor air quality



  • 1 QT (Concentrate) - Makes 15 gallons
  • 12/1 QT (Concentrate) - Makes 180 gallons
  • 1 GAL (Concentrate) -  Makes 60 gallons
  • 4/1 GAL (Concentrate) - Makes 240 gallons 
  • 1 GAL (Ready to Use)
  • 4/1 GAL (Ready to Use)


For pallet or truck load orders, please contact us at (972) 238-0413 or

Carpet Cleaner

General Carpet Cleaning (Cleaning Machine)

- Dilute 1:30 (4oz./gal)
- Use carpet machine as normal. Rinse and dry as usual.


General Carpet Cleaning

- Dilute 1:30 (4oz./gal)
- Apply with sprayer. Agitate with brush or carpet rake. Let dry completely and vacuum.

Carpet Stains & High Traffic Areas

- Dilute 1:10 (12oz./gal)
- Apply with sprayer directly on stain or area. Agitate with brush. Blot with damp cloth. Let area dry completely then vacuum.

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