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E.P.A. Registered. A ready-to-use, acid-based product created to have high foaming action. For daily maintenance of showers, restrooms, locker rooms and any other area with similar surfaces.


Operator Benefits

• Can be used on a wide range of surfaces such as tile walls, toilets, urinals, chrome, and other acid-resistant surfaces.


This product is currently sold in cases. For pallet or truck load orders, please contact us at (972) 238-0413 or




For heavily soiled areas, a preliminary cleaning is required.

For disinfecting hard, non-porous surfaces such as floors, walls, countertops, bathing areas, lavatories, tables, chairs, garbage pails and other hard, non-porous surfaces, apply FAD Foaming Acid Disinfectant with a brush, cloth, sponge, auto scrubber or foam gun or mechanical spray device, coarse pump or trigger spray device, thoroughly wetting surface.

For sprayer applications, spray 6-8 inches from surface. Do not breathe spray.

• Rub with brush, cloth, or sponge.

• Allow surfaces to remain wet for 10 minutes.

• Wipe up excess liquid. Do not allow to dry on surface. Change cloth, sponge or towels frequently to avoid redeposition of soil.

• Replace product when it becomes visibly soiled.

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