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Heavy Duty Cleaner uses patented, proprietary technology to clean and remediate all types of stains on hard surfaces without any harsh chemicals or toxins. There is no exposure to people or animals to toxins, harsh chemicals, allergens or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).



  • Specifically formulated liquid for general purpose cleaning in both business and consumer locations.
  • Zero VOCs – No smell during or after us of the product.
  • Hypo-Allergenic & free from dyes, perfumes, oils, scents and other fragrances.
  • Free from toxins & harsh chemicals
  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • Improves indoor air quality



  • 1 GAL (Concentrate) - Makes 60 gallons
  • 4/1 GAL (Concentrate) - Makes 240 gallons


For pallet or truck load orders, please contact us at (972) 238-0413 or 

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Light Cleaning:

- Dilute 1:70 (2oz./gal)
- Spray surface and wipe with sponge, brush, mop, or cloth

Normal Cleaning:

- Dilute 1:30 (4oz./gal)
- Spray surface and wipe with sponge, brush, mop, or cloth

Heavy Cleaning:

- Dilute 1:10 (12oz./gal)
- Apply with hand or pump sprayer, pressure washer, mop, or sponge.
- For tough jobs leave product on 3 to 5 minutes. Agitate as needed. Clean excess with damp cloth or mop. For large areas rinse and squeegee.

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